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Webisode 1 ~ Exercise in Futility? Contacting plastic based companies
...and tell them to stop making plastic so we can try to salvage the Pacific Ocean Trash Vortex. If you wanna make a difference, contact your favorite plastic using product and ask them to switch! This video is a sample how. Consider contacting Congress, Navies, Cruise Ships since they dump stuff overboard, etc. Here we contact Arrowhead Water, which is owned by Nestle.

Promotional Consideration provided by San Diego Marriott La Jolla.

Webisode 2 ~ Asia Andres reads email YOU can send to plastic companies
... and asks them to switch to a biodegradable plastic. Asia was part of Santa Monica high school in 2007 when they got plastic bags banned from the city of Santa Monica. You too can send emails to companies encouraging them to stop using plastics or too find bioplastic alternatives! 

Webisode 3 ~ "The plastic passion is murdering me"
.... not just a prolific lyric by The Cure it begs the question, "HOW MUCH FUCKING PLASTIC DO YOU ENCOUNTER IN ONE DAY?" (and is it really necessary???. Special thanks to the cute little 4 year old boy on the train little Ricky Reyes of El Paso, Texas.

Promotional consideration provided by Hyatt Regency Austin,

Webisode 4 ~ Surfrider presents HORROR: Shocking facts about Pacific Garbage Patch
Presented by Surfrider Hawai'i Stuart Coleman at ING Cafe Waikiki. In honor of Hawaii being the first state to ban plastic bags. Did you know: There are not one but FIVE ocean garbage patches? That the word "biodegradable" on packaging is misleading, because plastic never actually biodegrades? The word we should focus on is COMPOSTABLE. The ocean which we are killing is more responsible for us breathing than all the trees that produce our oxygen. Videotaped with permission by award winning filmmaker Veronica Grey aka The Surf Lady.

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  1. Love this page, but the webisodes might not be WEEKLY.
    ha ha...

    a fish

  2. well atleast its not daily webisodes! LOL


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