Monday, March 5, 2012

ALERT - Tsunami Debris from Japan Headed Towards the Pacific Garbage Patch!


Quote from comlike4:

 The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is expanding. For those who do not know what this is, it is basically comprised of two floating landfills one between Hawaii and California, and the other between Hawaii and Japan. These patches have been growing exponentially, from the first few pieces of fishing nets and plastic bottles discovered 30 years ago, to two patches at least twice the size of Texas (that's a total of over one million square miles of junk). These patches are made up of plastic bottles, furniture, home appliances--pretty much anything you can think of, though 90% of the trash is plastic.

Quote from mallugirls15:

The Fukushima power plant meltdown isn't the only environmental problem created by the Japan tsunami. Refrigerators, TVs, rooftops and other items that the tsunami swept away last year are now floating in the Pacific Ocean, the Washington Post reported. Officials expect the debris to get caught in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The tsunami, which killed 15,844 people and left over 3,000 missing, also washed out 8 million tons of debris to the sea. Most of the debris sank near the shore, the Los Angeles Times reported. But the debris that didn't sink has since traveled 3,000 miles away.


  1. yuck that's awful!

  2. Get ahold of Kevin Costner! perhaps he could build something that can skim the surface and collect the debris.

    Kevin Costner's Machine Heads to BP's Oil Spill Clean Up

    turns oil into water. maybe he could build something that turns plastic into water!

  3. I knew that japan tsunami was going to sweep all that trash into the ocean. its a sad reflection of our consumerism. Good luck with the project!


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