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 NBC Hawaii: Surf Lady models "The Only Guns You Need" T shirt while presenting 5 Gyres issue



Gun of a Barrel apparel by Surf Lady debuts on Hawaii TV covering Pacific Ocean Trash Vortex  

Promotional consideration provided by Kimo Greene / Sand Island Surfboards, TIC Collective sunglasses. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WITH THOSE INVOLVED IN THIS BROADCAST. WE OWN NOTHING!!! Special thanks to Ron Mizutani and everyone at KHON 2, including awesome cameraman Gene Kois.

Aqua Seafoam Shame Documentary Exposes Pollution In The Ocean 

Filmmaker Veronica Grey talks about her latest documentary, Aqua Seafoam Shame, which exposes the damaging effects garbage, plastics, and other pollutants have on the ocean. 




Surf Lady on NBC for 'World Water Day' talks about Poisoned Water

Not just in our oceans, but the fluoride in our tap drinking water. Special thanks to everyone at "Central Valley Today" especially producer Amanda Jaurigui and host Alex Delgado. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by all those involved with this broadcast; WE OWN NOTHING except that fabulous Ghost dress.    



Veronica Grey shares tips on recycling Halloween Costumes and more!

Direct Link Green Your Halloween!


"Surf Lady VG announces Aqua Seafoam Shame premier"


Steward of the environment Veronica Grey shares tips to help the Planet 

if you are concerned about a zombie apocalypse, here's how to store your water rations and love to my 30 Seconds to Mars boys for signing the eco-friendly canvas bag F&CK plastic!!!!!!!!!!! Special thanks to everyone at KNSD-TV,, Duane at Parker News Clips Service, and Starley Murray. Promotional consideration provided by Best Western Tamarindo Vista Villas Costa Rica and Parrot Brand Coconut Juice.


San Diego Living LIVE

Veronica Grey hails Robert Smith's birthday on TV & freaks out: Earth is now 25% garbage landfill. Promotional Consideration provided by Surfer Bar, Turtle Bay Resort - North Shore Oahu; Parrot Brand Coconut Juice and Special thanks to HopeStudios.CA,, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and everyone at San Diego 6 especially Tiffany Frowiss and Marc Bailey ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by those involved with this broadcast WE OWN NOTHING!

Channel 6 News LIVE

Veronica Grey discusses VCMG while wishing David Cronenberg a Happy Birthday on TV. At the Sun Valley Film Festival where her short film "15 Minutes of Flame" is screening promotional consideration provided by Knob Hill Inn Sun Valley; Tamarack Lodge Sun Valley. Special thanks to Shannon Allen and everyone at Knob Hill Inn; Jackie and everyone at Tamarack Lodge; Shane Skelton and everyone at O'neill wetsuits; Starley Murray; everyone at KIVI especially Spencer Blake.,, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by those involved with this broadcast. - WE OWN NOTHING!!!!! 


Veronica Grey wishes Shannon Leto Happy Birthday on TV while discussing Pacific Garbage Patch, BUT who is The Atlantis King??? Promotional consideration provided by Hyatt Regency Austin, O'Neill Wetsuits,, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and Shannon Leto. Special thanks to KVUE producer Jenelle Shriner and Starley Murray. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by those involved with this broadcast - WE OWN NOTHING!!! 

Good Morning San Diego

Veronica Grey discusses "Aqua Seafoam Shame" documentary LIVE on Good Morning San Diego. Promotional Consideration provided by: San Diego Marriott La Jolla, O'Neill Wetsuits,, Inov8, Native Sunglasses. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by those involved with the broadcast. We Own nothing!!! 

The Surf Lady Interview

The Surf Lady has a mission to document the Pacific Garbage Patch also known as "Plastic Island". The Surf Lady is also known as Veronica Grey. Whether for her work as an Actress, Author, Surfer, Environmentalist, Holistic Health Care Practitioner, or Superartist, she inspires numerous world renowned artists in their work. They have made a short interview with her.

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  1. who is the atlantis king?

  2. A King + A Lady = Penny Royalty

  3. hey I just your project on i will let my friends know good luck with your film.


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