Saturday, February 4, 2012

Plastic Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean

We're on a mission to document the Pacific Trash Vortex (aka "Plastic Island") and to find alternative plastics that can biodegrade back into the earth, such as Hemp Bioplastics. We need your help in raising awareness of this environmental disaster that affects every living creature on the planet. We encourage EVERYONE to take the pledge of "raising awareness" of this very important environmental issue. Blog about the Pacific Trash Vortex (using specific keywords and tags). Record your own video about the Pacific Garbage Patch, upload it to youtube, vimeo etc. and share it with everyone on your friends lists. Think Global Act Local: We can also find alternative ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle the plastic waste in our everyday lives so it doesn't end up in the Pacific Ocean. Join us and make the PLEDGE OF ACTION now! Learn more.

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pacific garbage patch   pacific garbage patch
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TAKE THE PLEDGE! Reduce Plastic Waste!


  1. It's Valentine's Day. What can be more important that loving YOUR planet???

  2. So sad, here is a list of companies who don't give a shit about recycling plastic

    Special thanks to Michael Washburn for sharing this with us. He works for Nestle, THE LARGEST FOOD DISTRIBUTOR IN THE WORLD, and is now in conjunction with our this here project.


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