Saturday, February 4, 2012

Surf Lady Writes Letter To Companies

Dear Company X:

We appeal to your sense of community involvement with a most critical issue and we trust you will duly respond as:

Plastic is destroying our planet. This is a more serious problem facing humans than any war, environmental, or economic issue.

We are not here to blame anyone - just to serve everyone because we are both the problem AND the solution:

Maybe you have heard a whiff of a rumor about a giant island of floating plastic garbage somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Well, IT IS NOW THE SIZE OF THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES and right here near Hawai'i, and if we don't stop using non-decomposing plastic, this is cataclysmic to humanity. TIME IS RUNNING OUT - simply search "Pacific Garbage Patch" online to see how on the brink of disaster we are as a species.

The photos will horrify and shock you. And there are not one, but 5 patches of giant garbage islands in the oceans around the world. FACT: 25% of the planet's surface (both sea and air) is now a garbage landfill.

We would love to share with you and your team alternatives to plastic and what can be done to backpedal humans and this planet from the catastrophe of plastic consumption. Again, we are not here to be adversarial. In fact, we are only contacting companies whose products we LOVE. We love your product ((("X"))) but we can live without plastic packaging.

I am merely a spokesperson for the high profile team of concerned citizens supporting the film project "Aqua Seafoam Shame" as part of the Sundance Documentary Fund featured on

We understand the bottom line necessity of profit and the same amount of profit CAN STILL BE EARNED by switching to hemp plastic for example or a corn based COMPOSTABLE plastic or PAPER BAGS because simply placing the ECM additive into plastics to make it biodegradable or using recyclable PET plastics is not enough. There ARE definitely solutions. We are not asking you to stop using plastic, just switch out from the "bad" plastic. The word biodegradable is misleading because in truth, plastic never biodegrades and recycling centers recycle only about 10% of plastic packaging because plastic gets stuck in the recycling mechanism. COMPOSTABLE is the only sustainable plastic.

Do you wanna know how "bad it is?" Even if we stop using plastic tomorrow, it has already left an environmental mess that will take THOUSANDS of YEARS to recover from. So it is as if I am typing anyway from a watery grave, like an exercise in futility but we won't go down without at least trying. We are very upset to learn that only 30% of plastic ever gets recycled AT BEST, when it can be used over and over thousands of times when recycled properly. If you have children, we can tell you there is no future for them with the ocean DYING. We are killing the ocean and everything in it, at an alarming rate.


WHAT MAKES THIS ISSUE "SCARY" IS BECAUSE IT IS A SILENT KILLER, not a bloody in-your-face war, it is creeping upon us and almost too late.

It will not be a meteor, or global warming, or a nuclear war, or aliens, or something visually shocking and glamorized by Hollywood films that destroys the planet. It will be the silent deadly killer of plastic pollution.

If you think "so what, it is only a portion of the ocean," well, imagine how it feels when "only a portion of your body hurts." And what if that pain spread? That is what we are doing to the planet, each time we reach for plastic. Our rain comes from the ocean. We will literally have a trash rain upon us shortly. Over 90% of people depend on fish for their protein. Pretty much all marine life now injests this plastic soup, so these horrible disease-causing chemicals in turn wind up in your plates - a great reason to be vegetarian, but that is another story.

Any person from would love to come into your offices in person and film the decision making process of your company switching to a healthier plastic to show the public how you are a leader in environmental salvation.

Think of the great publicity this will raise for you. Even before our film is completed, each time we appear in the media or update our YouTube channel with a monthly webisode we already start shining a spotlight upon environmentally friendly superstar corporations like yours on

Conversely, we will also have a list of all the companies we contact who don't even bother to respond with so much as an email, but, we know this isn't you, because we love your product since y'all do great work!

Thank you Company ((("X"))) for sharing this info with whomever does the packaging for all your products, and for helping this planet remain land of the FREE (from garbage!)

Looking forward to any response,


Team Veronica Grey
environmentalist / award winning filmmaker
aka The Surf Lady
to speak with a member of our team 310 555 X0X0, our media appearances regarding this topic:

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