About The Crew

Filmmaker: The Surf Lady (Veronica Grey)

Environmental Surfer, Inspirational Author, and Traveling Filmmaker 

Veronica Grey
Veronica is the founder of the charity Eternal Youth Empire (EYE), who works in collaboration with other artists, environmentalists and visionaries who provide not-for-profit work and devotional services to humanity.

Veronica Grey is an independent DIY super-artist who uses different mediums to express her many projects which range from inspirational writings to environmental filmmaking. Most recently, Veronica won the 2011 New Media Award at the Pare Lorentz Film Festival for her short film about the 2011 Burning Man festival called "15 Minutes of Flame", which was shot and edited entirely on her iPhone.

The Surf Lady has now turned her iPhone camera onto the Pacific Garbage Patch with her new project and upcoming documentary film called "Aqua Seafoam Shame". As an avid surfer, she has encountered alot of plastic and garbage along the beaches, so she has made it her mission to reduce plastic use and find eco-friendly alternatives, while raising awareness about the devastation that lies in our oceans.

Web & Media Presentation: Kim Chiasson

The Trinity of Web-Design, Old-Skool Graphic Artist, Photo & Video Editor

Kim Chiasson
With 12 years experience in web design and development, Kim Chiasson helps those who wish to be seen and heard online in the digital world. From websites to music videos, she brings an unique but artistic flair to online media presentation. With a diploma in Business Sales and Marketing, Kim teaches other independent artists how to maintain presence online with social media marketing and SEO.

As a strong proponent of the DIY Indie method, Kim has lent her HTML skills to a variety of independent projects and charities. Working specifically with other indie artists, she has helped many musicians, filmmakers, videographers, live streamers, DJ's, and talkradio shows manifest their content into creative user-friendly web & media presentations that is optimized for search engines.

After being inspired by The Surf Lady's Mission Statement to reduce plastics in the ocean, Kim jumped on board the "Aqua Seafoam Shame" film project about the Pacific Garbage Patch to help Veronica bring her environmental message to the masses via the internet. Kim currently maintains the Pacific TV blog which is documenting and raising awareness of the Aqua Seafoam Shame project.

Executive Producer: Joshua JD Lemmens

Independent Filmmaking, Social Media Presentation, HD Video Productions

Joshua JD Lemmens
Joshua JD Lemmens has spent the last 20 years working in and around the BC Video & Film industry. He currently owns and operates Hope Studios, a social media and video studio with a single production sound stage and post production facility serving BC clients. Joshua attended Vancouver Film School specializing in Film: Producing and Directing with a Certificate of Recommendation.

As a spiritual man and an ordained minister Joshua is involved with a variety of projects that bring people closer to the heart such as; All About Men, a non-profit network of men helping men, The Joshua Project at North Harvest Church, and as Director at Trails Crossing Friendship Center in Hope BC. Joshua has served on the Chamber of Commerce and is actively involved in community service.

As Hope Studios Film and New Media, Joshua joined the Aqua Seafoam Shame project as executive producer and video editor, lending his post-production media skills. He was initially shocked and saddened by what he saw happening in the Pacific Ocean and hopes to help Veronica raise awareness of the Pacific Garbage Patch, and bring much-needed attention to this important project.


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