Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter egg candy packs are renewable, compostable

Canadian candy company selects cellulose-based film for its stand-up pouch packaging for competitive advantage with Easter treats.

Canada’s oldest candy company, family-owned Ganong Bros Ltd. in New Brunswick, has selected a cellulose-based packaging film for its range of Easter confectionery in stand-up pouches. NatureFlex™, from Innovia Films, is a renewable,  compostable material made from wood pulp.

Explains Bruce Rafuse, Ganong vice president of marketing, “We had two primary objectives in selecting the package: first and foremost was to improve sales and distribution, and second to differentiate us from the competition. We considered several alternatives, but based upon feedback from consumers and retailers decided upon NatureFlex due to it being compostable and the distinct competitive advantage this gives us. Our ultimate goal is to move all our products into compostable pouches.”


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  1. Well I guess unlike they sing in "Southpark"
    we CAN'T BLAME CANADA !!!!!!!!


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